LATONIA is a financial and business expert who is an excellent writer, speaker, trainer and image consultant. LATONIA has been a Certified Management Accountant, Certified Financial Manager Chartered Global Management Accountant and Certified Commercial Contract Manager.

Global Financial and Business Writer

LATONIA has a superb ability to communicate complex information in an easy to understand format. LATONIA has co-written articles on entrepreneurship for international financial magazines. She has written press releases, marketing material, scripts, as well as communication and business correspondence for executives, businesses and nonprofits. LATONIA has also written technical manuals such as employee manuals, internal control guidance manuals and procedural manuals.

LATONIA has extensive knowledge regarding the business of writing. She has attended conferences, trade shows and expos for the publishing industry in the Caribbean, France, UK and USA. LATONIA has also obtained knowledge from events for authors, comedians, screenwriters, and scriptwriters. Her insight has helped writers understand their value and encouraged writers to use writing as an avenue for financial freedom.

Trainer and Speaker

LATONIA has spoken at local, national and international events and conferences on accounting, personal finance, entrepreneurship, leadership, global supply chain management and nonprofit related topics.

Engaging Business and Financial Presentations

LATONIA is an expert at demonstrating the correlation between healthy finances and long term success for professionals, small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and large organizations.

She is an expert in demonstrating the correlation between healthy finances and long term success for professionals, small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and large organizations.

She is known for providing insight on how to overcome the top mistakes made by SMEs. The top mistakes include financial matters, customer service, business processes, marketing and sales. In addition, she is able to enlighten participants on best business practices.

LATONIA has traveled to China and Japan and spoken with business professionals and major company representatives in order to become enlightened about Asian management styles. She has traveled to Europe and spoke with businesses, professionals and individuals in Greece, Italy, France, Spain and England before, during and after the financial crisis.

She has also traveled to Caribbean islands and Bermuda in order to gain insight into their business cultures. While in the USA, LATONIA has gained business and cultural insight from people from many countries around the world. LATONIA’s research within the USA and abroad allows her to bring a unique global perspective to her audiences.

In addition, LATONIA’s financial, supply chain management and extensive business experience allows her to pull from several real world examples that audiences will remember. LATONIA delivers engaging, interactive presentations that persuade audiences to make positive changes. Her ability to simplify complex concepts, aids her in discussing technical topics with nontechnical participants.

LATONIA is the creator of business seminars focused on success strategies for individuals, professionals, artists and small businesses. If you want a powerful speaker who will address relevant business and financial topics with pizzazz and fervor, LATONIA is the speaker for your organization.

Image Consultant      

The right image can make a difference in whether or not you receive the new contract, promotion or business referral. Improve your image and improve your business profits. Improve your image and improve your career. LATONIA can help you improve your image, business profits and your career.

Although many people believe any image is acceptable if it gains fame and money, LATONIA disagrees. She believes long term success, happiness and respect comes from presenting the right image.

Do you need insight on business etiquette for business interactions at trade shows, conferences, business meetings, and social events? Learn how to interact in professional and social environments in the United States of America (USA), increase your business and career opportunities, and raise your perceived image. Discover topics you should and should not discuss at business functions.

If you want a refined, professional image that will enhance your confidence, business savvy and style and it will also convince influential people to help you accomplish your goals, contact LATONIA for assistance..

Precise Presentations Win Contracts

LATONIA evaluates and provides feedback for business presentations and she reviews and evaluates proposal documents. She also conducts simulated interviews and presentations in order to help prepare you for contract opportunities and career advancement opportunities.

Your presentation skills can have a huge impact on your success or failure. Speaking in front of an audience is one of the scariest endeavors for many people. However, many people are very critical when other people do not present well. LATONIA can help you perfect your pitch and full length presentations.

If you are ready to elevate your oral and written communication as well as increase your business and career opportunities, contact LATONIA for assistance.

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